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 Bzswords it is the company which was established in the year 2011, after the previous experience with the production of weapons.

We are engaged in manufacturing of cold weapons intended for swordplay, swords, daggers, ratistove weapons....Weapons we export mainly to GERMANY where we work with companies WEST-COAST INSTITUTE. Swords, daggers manufactured from material 14260, who is professionally hardened and the blades are hand ground.Therefore, these weapons are not just designed on the wall, but mainly for use in historical swordplay and his training.

We made a wide assortment of swords, daggers, ratistovych and percussion weapons.

All swords, daggers and other weapons it is possible to produce, in agreement according to the wishes and requirements of the customer.

We also made small forging products such as buckles, cutlery.....

We strive to make our products have excelled quality and reliability.We believe that our offer will interest and we look forward to cooperation