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Little Fang

Length          61 cm
Blade length 44 cm
Width of the blade at the guard 3,4 cm
Weight  970 g

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The small fang is an elegant cold weapon that dates back to the Middle Ages. It is made of high quality steel and its blade is specially adapted for historical fencing. The fang is meticulously crafted with soul and love in every detail. The handle is made of wood combined with leather and ensures a comfortable grip. It is not only a practical tool for fencing, but also a work of art combining strength and beauty together.


 The warranty only covers defects in the blade material and does not cover wear and tear on both the blade and the handle. The crossbar is attached to the blade via rivets. After some time of use, the rivet connection may loosen slightly and the sword may start to make different sounds when swordplay is performed. This is a common sign of wear, but has no negative effect on the functionality of the sword, its quality or your safety when fencing.

Product code 68
Warranty 2 years
Gesamtlänge 61 cm
Länge der Klinge 44 cm
Breite der Klinge am Schutzbügel 3,4 cm
Gewicht 970 g

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