One and a half hand sword
  • One and a half hand sword
  • One and a half hand sword
  • One and a half hand sword
  • One and a half hand sword
  • One and a half hand sword
  • One and a half hand sword
  • One and a half hand sword
  • One and a half hand sword

One and a half hand sword

Approximate weight 1915 g
Total length 126 cm
Blade length 92,5 cm
Width of blade 4cm
Blade width 24,5 cm
Dimensions and weight are approximate, not exact to millimetres and grams. 

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We warmly welcome you to our Eshop! We present to you an amazing sword, which is made of 14260 material and hand cut on a stone grind. The sword features a length of 126 cm, a blade width at the guard of 4 cm and a guard width of 24,5 cm. Every detail, including the hand-decorated pommel and guard, is meticulously crafted.

This sword is made in the BZswords workshop, which is known for its quality and precision. The gradual grounding of the blade is important when using it, which it performs during training and light duels. This ensures that the sword reaches its maximum quality and durability.

This sword is a great addition to your collection or a great companion for historical reenactments and costume events. Order this unique sword today and be amazed by its grandeur and precision!


Designed for the experienced swordsman who appreciates a light and flexible sword and prefers swordsmanship technique over sheer force. The warranty only covers defects in the blade material and does not cover wear and tear on both the blade and the handle. The crossbar is attached to the blade via rivets. After a period of use, the rivet connection may loosen slightly and the sword may start to make different sounds when swordplay is performed. This is a common sign of wear, but has no negative effect on the functionality of the sword, its quality or your safety when fencing.

Product code 85
Warranty 2 years
Šířka záštity 24,5
Celková délka 126 cm
Délka čepele 92,5
Weight 1915

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